The Hibiscus Thrift Store truck was stolen and the theft has impacted daily operations and revenue.
February 23, 2024
Hibiscus Thrift Store truck
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Hibiscus Children’s Center, a nonprofit organization supporting children and families in our community, is facing a significant setback after the theft of its thrift store delivery truck. The incident occurred on the evening of November 30th , leaving the organization unable to make crucial deliveries and pickups. This has resulted in a direct impact on income that supports programs for children and families.

Hibiscus has been working with local law enforcement. The truck was recently recovered and sustained severe damage during the theft. Insurance will cover a portion of repairs but not enough to completely cover what is needed.

The theft has not only affected the day-to-day operations of the thrift store but has also hindered Hibiscus’ ability to generate income from sales. The proceeds from the thrift store support programs aimed at improving the lives of children living in Hibiscus Shelter and Village, and families in our community. The thrift store also provides necessities such as clothing, beds and household items to families in our outreach programs.

Neil Poirier, Thrift Store Manager, said, “The theft of our truck has caused significant challenges with our daily thrift store operations. We rely solely on the community’s generosity for donations

to sell and many items such as furniture require pickup. We receive requests for quick pickups when people are moving or need to get rid of large items and we simply cannot afford to rent a truck each time one is requested. We also cannot deliver any large items that we sell from the store to the buyer. The Hibiscus Thrift Store is located in Stuart, but the truck also made weekly runs to Vero Beach to pick up donated items.”

For now, Hibiscus has to rent a U-Haul for each trip that requires a truck for delivery and/or pickups. This is costing almost $250 per trip. These unexpected costs and the loss of the truck use are greatly affecting our already tight budget. If you would like to help Hibiscus recover costs like these, please contact Michelle King, CDO, at [email protected] or 561.452.5791, or visit HibiscusChildrensCenter.org.

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