Dog Lover’s Hike- Gopher Tortoise Trail

Saturday, February 17, 2024
9:00 am- 10:30 am
Area : Port St. Lucie
Venue :
2541 SE Walton Rd Port Saint Lucie 34952
The event is free with $3/vehicle park admission

This is an opportunity for dog owners to come with their pets to explore the Savannas Preserve State Park on a guided hike. It is open to anyone who loves dogs-even if you don’t have one.

***In order to keep your pet safe as well as protecting the habitat for our resident critters, all participants must follow the B.A.R.K Ranger Principals:

1. Bag & properly dispose your pet’s waste (prevents spread of parasites, helps water quality)

2. Always LEASH your pet (protects your pet from harmful animals/plants, conflicts with other visitors, and keeps native habitats and wildlife from being disturbed)

3. Respect wildlife (the park is the home for wildlife and we want to preserve them for all to enjoy)

4. Know where you can go (staying on marked trails limits impact to environment AND if you get lost, rescuers have an easier time finding you)

There will be quite a few dogs participating, so please make sure that they are well behaved and get along well with other dogs. Please bring water for you and your pet, dog waste bags, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. The walk will be approximately 2 miles round trip along our Gopher Tortoise Trail that has portions with views of our marsh as well as our pine flatwoods. We will meet at the Ed Center Pavilion in the main parking lot. The walk will last a little over an hour.

The event is free with $3/vehicle park admission that is collected via a yellow honor box when you come in through the main gate. Exact change is needed OR you can purchase a day pass online with credit card:…/park-admission…

Please write the confirmation number on the blue envelope before dropping it into the yellow box and hang the blue hanger in your windshield. If you have an annual pass, please write your pass number on the blue envelope and drop it in the box. This way Tallahassee can see how many visitors utilize our park.

Happy trails (and tails)!

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